What is Recovery Management?

Recovery Management begins the moment an individual contacts our office or walks through the front door of our Recovery Resource Center in Wilmington. It's the personalized approach that our placement professionals take when assessing a client's needs and personal situation; and it's this kind of personalized recovery management that allows us to make the right recommendation of case management, recovery coaching, and clinical services.

Launch Pad has a singular approach that many recovery communities in our area cannot offer: a wide range of clinical services added to the more traditional 12-step programs; and a multi-phased sober living environment. It is through the combination of these services that our recovery managers and placement professionals are able to better serve our residents with the type of recovery that will last.

At Launch Pad, we have two tracks that individuals will follow throughout their stay. They are Recovery Coaching and Clinical Services. A description of each can be found below

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching refers to our one-on-one approach to your recovery during your stay with Launch Pad. Recovery Coaches are available to work with you as you progress through the 12-step program that best suits your needs, and as you grow in your recovery. Recovery Coaches will help you find your path. They'll make sure you're going to meetings, even make sure you're well fed and following basic hygiene. They may assign additional writing assignments or offer daily reminders to take prescription medications. Learn more about Recovery Coaching as it pertains to recovery below.

Clinical Services

Launch Pad has operated for 19 years, and all of that time has given us a lot of insight into the needs of our clients. Because of this, we now offer a variety of clinical services to help treat other issues and to help meet certain requirements of the courts. Offering these services is part of our commitment to whole-body wellness. While our main purpose is to help you recover from addiction, taking good care of your mind, body and soul are the foundational steps to building a lasting recovery program. View a complete list of our clinical services below.