Harnessing the Strength of Family

Making sure family members are connected to their loved one’s recovery is essential. Continuous interaction with the family allows The Launch Pad to make sure clients and their families are prepared for their eventual transition back into their home environment. This sort of preparation takes time, healing and a demonstration of progress. Our Recovery Coaches understand all of the intricacies of transitioning back into a family and home environment and will work personally with each client and their family throughout their recovery process to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible.

Watch the Progress

After years of addiction and illness, it may seem like a path to recovery just isn’t possible, that hope is lost. However, Launch Pad has helped countless individuals rediscover hope and happiness, even when it didn’t seem like anything could help. Both families and clients face this same battle. While clients get to feel and see their progress firsthand, family members often feel absent from the experience and are thus hesitant to believe that such a spiritual change is possible. Our Recovery Coaches work hand in hand with families and clients throughout the program to make sure families can bear witness to the recovery of their loved one and so that clients can understand and accept hesitation by family members

Healing Begins Here

It’s likely that the relationship between clients and their families have become strained due to years of addiction. This damage is not repaired overnight, nor should it be overlooked. “Our past is the greatest tool for our present.” While clients are taught not to dwell in the wreckage of their past, they are taught to make sure they understand what can be learned from their past behavior and to remember this behavior as a tool for resisting old temptations or encountering triggers. Our Recovery Coaches and the resident’s sponsor help each client understand that the hurt and damage caused in their addiction, while it no longer defines them, cannot be undone; that “time takes time.” We encourage families to discuss this with clients so that it’s clear during the transition back to their home environment.

Launch Pad is committed to helping clients and families to work through the challenges of the past and transition into their new life of recovery. It will likely be a shock to everyone involved when the time comes, but our Recovery Coaches and other staff members will be there every step of the way to make sure family always receives proper priority in each of our clients’ recoveries.