Begin with a Single Step

The Launch Pad defines a requirement of “soul searching” as a sincere consideration of the program of action outlined through one of three 12-step fellowships: Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery. Evidence of the honesty, open-mindedness and willingness required to earnestly complete or make significant progress through one of these programs is measured through the stark behavior change that occurs as a result of the steps.

This may seem like a fairly subjective method of measurement, but rest assured that the behavioral change that occurs as a result of the steps can be significant. Recovery Coaches within each house are active participants with each resident in their progress through the steps. They can act as great resources when individuals reach major milestones in their recovery and can be fantastic sounding boards when residents encounter challenges.

Recovery Coaching & 12-Step Programs

  • Assist with step work when appropriate (though individual sponsors are suggested)
  • Help make sure clients are regularly attending meetings
  • Can help clients as they progress through their spiritual recovery
  • Provide feedback to The Launch Pad staff on a client’s progress

When an individual sincerely puts forth the necessary effort and is willing to be open and honest with themselves and those around them, the steps work. 80 years of experience has proven this time and time again. Recovery Coaches in The Launch Pad help facilitate client growth and ensure the needed effort is being put forth. The facilities at The Launch Pad help to provide a great environment for the personal reflection necessary to work the steps and progress through the recovery program. An outdoor area at our Recovery Resource Center offers a serene locale for clients to escape day-to-day stresses and find the peace necessary for meditation and reflection. And, of course, close proximity to the healing waters of the Atlantic Ocean make this Wilmington recovery community the ideal location to recover from addiction and discover the pathway to a new way of life.