Structured Living Brings Order to Chaos

Many individuals who enter The Launch Pad program have acknowledged that their lives are in complete disarray. It's the result of a life run on self-will by an individual who has relied on drugs and/or alcohol to find relief. The problem is that rarely do these substances offer such a relief. Addicts may chase those feelings until their life has spiraled into chaos. Creating structure in that chaos is an important part of returning to a positive way of life that doesn't perpetuate self-destruction.

The Launch Pad system provides a structured living alternative complemented by an array of other services. Like traditional recovery residence living, The Launch Pad homes are supportive of 12-step recovery. Through house meetings, house customs and attendance in a program of the individual's choice, ideas like personal-inventory, self-support and service become new lifestyles. The most important difference between The Launch Pad and traditional halfway houses are the Recovery Coaches.

What is a Recovery Coach?

There are some individuals who require a higher level of personal attention and individual care. For those residents, we offer a service called Recovery Coaching. This service involves the one-on-one counseling they need to continue in their recovery. Whether it's guidance on how to work through the steps, gentle nudges on how to maintain the structured living required to stay in our homes, or simply checking in to make sure clients are well fed, our Recovery Coaches are deeply involved in the well-being of each resident. Often our residents develop life-long bonds with Recovery Coaches.

Where Recovery Coaching Helps

From a Facility to The Launch Pad

If you're leaving a treatment facility or transitioning from in-patient treatment to intensive outpatient care (IOP), then you've made it through the first step of a very important journey. If you stay alert and determined, the stand that you've courageously made can become permanent. Strength and faith helped get alcohol or other drugs out of your system. Now you want to get on with it and get started on this new way of life.

We know you will be confused about what to expect and how to behave now that you are substance-free. It can be like having "adolescent" feelings in "grown-up" relationships. Our staff, managers and mentors can coach motivated residents to develop and practice new ways of being before going home for good.